DE Can be dusted directly onto animals for control and prevention of Ticks, Mites, Flies, Fleas, Lice, and other bothersome harmful bugs. DE can be put into duster bags or Burlap bags so animals can “Self-Dust”. DE can be dusted on all barn surfaces, windows, floors, stalls, stanchions, milking parlors, etc. to reduce and kill flies and crawling insects. DE is a natural DEODORIZER! Easy to use on manure piles to decrease larvae, and reduce smell. Bugs NEVER become resistant!  DE works via a mechanical action vs a chemical action. Mechanically dehydrates anything with an exoskeleton Naturally dries out thrush in hooves, if put into an area where animals must walk thru for feed. For horses please check out our sister website DE is a natural Desiccant, use to dry wet spots in stalls, and to deodorize. Or use in low places around the barn yard where water collects to dry out those areas. Protect ornamental shrubs, grasses and flowers from invading insects Protect and keep Animal feed fresh and free from pests, larvae, mold and mildew from excessive moisture and humidity. DE is a natural DEODORIZER! Easy to use on manure piles to decrease larvae, and reduce smell. Put it in your Water troughs, to keep the green scum from growing!  No More scrubbing water buckets! Don't Forget the Dog Kennel and the Chicken Coop and the Litter box! Odorless-Non-staining-No Additives! Decrease the Chemical Burden on your Livestock, you and the environment!. Some bugs take longer than others to kill, make sure ants do not have a water source to rehydrate, this makes for faster kill rates. The bigger the ant hill the more treatments you may need.  In our tests, most bugs start to die within minutes, some engorged ticks take up to 18 hours. DE Works by DEHYDRATING the bug, there is NO, NADA, ZERO Chemicals!  It is a mechanical action, therefore the bugs can NEVER become resistant.
Natural Fly & Parasite Control
Benefits In the BARN
Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth Minerals as an Animal Feed Additive​
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"Safe & Natural Rescue from Chemical Overload!"  Premium Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Can Be Used for ALL Livestock and Fowl

Improves appetite, stops dirt licking and chewing on fencing Builds Strong red blood cells, better tissues, bones, teeth and bright eyes. Improves and stimulates metabolism, and digestion. Animals fed DE absorb a higher percentage of protein from their regular diet Acts as a natural systemic detoxifier; absorbs destructive & poisonous sediments in intestinal tract Helps prevent colon impaction, acts as an intestinal cleanser Guards the albumen in stomach, naturally balances stomach acids Shiny Coat, healthy hoof/nail growth Helps heal skin conditions Animals gain weight, grow faster and thrive. No poisonous accumulation of toxins, synthetics, or chemical residues in bodies, or meat and milk. Helps increase milk production, and leaves milk uncontaminated by synthetics, or chemicals Improves animal contentedness Reduces stress in animals. Natural Anti-parasitic, feed thru parasite control, plus bonus of decreased larvae in manure. No more figuring out what wormer to rotate! Natural Deodorizer, decreases foul smelling feces Replaces other more costly mineral supplements Tasteless, Odorless, animals like to eat it, Mixes easily into any feed Reduces the incidence of scours Decreased Veterinarian Bills--SAVE Some MOOLA!

Daily recommended food grade diatomaceous earth feeding rates:

Kittens - 1/2 teaspoon Cats - 1 teaspoon Puppies - 1/2 to 1 tsp. Dogs under 35 lbs. - 1 teaspoon Dogs over 35 lbs. - 1 tablespoon Dogs over 100 lbs. - 2 tablespoons Cattle, Dairy Cows, & Hogs - 2% of dry feed ration Chickens - 5% in feed Goats & Sheep - 2% in grain Horses - 1/2 to 1 cup in daily ration* Humans - 1 heaping tablespoon daily
Kills the Bugs...not everything else!


Chickens respond quickly to DE supplementation. Mortality rates decrease due to bacteria and viruses being purged from the digestive system in the first week of life in chicks. Continued use reduces build up of internal parasites and breeding of flies in manure. Dusting boxes when filled with 100% DE will control lice, mites and fleas. Bone strength improves especially in fast growing meat birds Stronger egg shells, less breakage. Read more.....
Research Pages

Crop, Grain Storage and Garden Management with Diatomaceous Earth

Higher yields No Plant Shock Can be used as a “Sun block”  and insulator from freeze damage Decreased susceptibility to disease, insect and fungal attacks Decreased production expenses i.e. less fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide. Completely Organic  Read more.....

Cattle and Dairy Herd Health Research

Increased growth weights` Reduce Chemical Load Kill Lice, flies and internal parasites Natural Mineral lick   Read more.....


Increased Growth Decreased Rooting Decreased odor Decreased Flies   Read more.....


Reduced internal and external parasite load Read more.....

Results Of Codex Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Fed To Horses, Four Winds ,

Robert D. Horkman, Orlando, Florida.

Results of feeding 5 ounces of diatomaceous earth to show horses for a period of one year. Healthier looking animals with a definite sheen to their coat, absence of internal parasites, better feed conversion, reduction in manure odor, fly control, cured scours in cases where other medications had failed and improved appetites in “picky-eaters”.  Read more....

Dogs & Cats

Daily inclusion in food strengthens teeth, bones, tendons and improves the function of organs such liver and kidneys. This leads to improved metabolism with resultant health and vitality increase.  Read more....