Human Benefits
Just a Tablespoon a day...keeps the doctor at bay! Please check out our testimonials page for more on what DE has done for others. And feel free to check out the various Videos on our Helpful Videos page for more various uses and information.  “Started feeding the horses “Free Choice” --they Love it!”  D. L., Bozeman, MT “We feed all the horses at the Flying D Ranch Free Choice DE, just dump it in a feeder out in the pasture, I have to fill it a couple of times a week they love it so much!  We also use it to keep the automatic waterers clean, works for about 2 weeks, saves a lot of time scrubbing water troughs!”  G. Pole, Flying D Ranch, Gallatin Gateway, MT “We've used De for years on our cattle.  The cost savings, no lice or flies, they self-dust.  The cows seek it out---why use anything else?”  N. French Superior Cattle Sales, Stevensville, MT I run a boarding facility, and use it in all of my water troughs, No more scrubbing!  It keeps the gross green stuff from growing for about 2-3 weeks, then all I have to do is dump and rinse, no scum to scrub!  Works great!  Saves me a lot of time and labor.  R.Slater Holiday Horse Care, Bozeman, MT
A Tablespoon a Day!!
"I Take DE Everyday as a mineral supplement...My hair is thicker, nails grow like weeds, my eyesight is clearer (and I am of the age for reading glasses, still don't need them).  Healthy bowel habits, skin is glowing, and smooth, my knee stopped hurting in one week...I could go on... I've sold and recommended alot of mineral supplements in my day...nothing comes close to DE, for powerful effects, and straight up cheap cost! We take DE 1 tablespoon everyday mixed in water.  It's easy, tasteless, and did I say Cheap?  Some of the mineral supplements I have sold in my clinic sell for upwards of $60.00/bottle, and they don't have the positive effects that simple, natural, unadulterated DE has.  You just can't compare to nature's way!"  Connie Huft, RN, Board Certified Holistic Health Professional

Organic silica and its use in the treatment

of arthritis and joint pain

FDA DISCLAIMER:  Content on this site is for reference and anectdodal purposes only.  It is not intended to substitute for advice from a physician or veterinarian or other health care professional.  Statements regarding DE as a supplement have not been evaluated by the FDA or USDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat, or prevent any disease.  If pregnant or nursing check with your physician regarding the use of DE.

Diatomaceous Earth

DE is a systemic Detoxifier DE helps with regular bowel movements DE Helps increase collagen production DE Helps build healthy bones, teeth, tendons, nails, hair and improves skin tone. DE is a natural anti-parasitic DE is a good source of Silca and 20 trace minerals DE is a natural heavy metal chelator DE is a natural Deodorizer DE is a natural Desiccant (dry's things out-great in those smelly sneakers) DE is a natural pesticide around the house (fleas, ticks, lice, mites, bed bugs, spiders, etc.)    
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"Safe & Natural Rescue from Chemical Overload!"  Premium Diatomaceous Earth

The Human Benefits

3.5 lbs Diatomaceous Earth 100% Pure Food Grade, Tasteless, Odorless, Non-staining. BEST BUY!  Only $12.95! Research Pages

Diatomaceous earth lowers blood cholesterol

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Beneficial effects of silica per Gerhard Leibold, N.D.

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30 Days on Earth! Describing my use of DE for the last month.  I have been drinking a glass religiously each morning (even with a prayer/mantra) and I feel that the first thing I have noticed is IMPROVED VISION? I know this is terrible but I usually watch TV at night and have to squint at the widescreen HD.  I have even tried my old prescription reading glasses to combat double vision.  I used to think I had a weaker left eye, or that my right eye was losing focus, but recently I have noticed my vision is like HD itself!  I see richer color, further distances outdoors and can read the fine print on the wall!!  No more squinting at the late night screen!  Wow!  And there is a characteristic "pop" in my knee that I used to hear/feel from time to time...used to hear.   Chris McIntyre Udaguru Enterprises, Inc. Bozeman, MT