Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth around your Home, Yard, Garden, and For NEW


SAFE, Natural, No Neurotoxins!  Safe for Family, Pets and Environment! Reduces the chemical burden on your family, pets and land A natural mineral that can be used as a natural pesticide around the house, garden, orchard, crops, in crawl spaces. Stays put, as long as it doesn't get washed away.  Ideal for crawl spaces doorways, window sills, cracks and crevices.  Anywhere bugs like to hide. Easy to apply:  Just sprinkle or use the Dustin Mizer or Tube Spritzer to apply to harder to reach areas.  Can also be made into a slurry to spray on foundations, fruit trees, etc.  Once dry, it continues to work. A Natural soil Amender, no more synthetic and out of balance fertilzers for lawn and garden. Natural Deodorizer!  use it in your garbage pail, Kitty Litter, as a foot powder, anywhere odors dominate! Store Grains, keep fresh and free from invading larvae. Consider taking internally for added health benefits of over 20 trace minerals.  Shinier hair, strong nails, better digestion, elimination, and other health benefits. Tasteless, Odorless, Non-staining, easily mixes into animal feed or beverage. Keep MOLD and MILDEW out of your house, great for crawl spaces, attics, blow in for walls, construction to eliminate and reduce mold and mildew. When blown into Attics and Crawl Spaces, DE is a PERMANENT Non-Toxic Insect barrier!  No more calling the Orkin Man every YEAR!!  What a money saver! Use in the shop as an oil absorber, or for wet places around the house and yard.
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"Safe & Natural Rescue from Chemical Overload!"  Premium Diatomaceous Earth

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"Connie gave us some DE to use on one of the horses at the Flying D who was loaded with ticks, I just dust it on, and no more ticks, they seem to not even want to be on the horse anymore, it's preventative."  Lindy The Flying D Ranch, Gallatin Gateway, MT "I started Using DE after Connie came to trim the horses, I've had severe Endometriosis for years, even after having 2 children it came back with a vengence!  I didn't want to use synthetic hormones to deal with the problem so I changed my diet to Paleo, and started DE,  It took a couple of months, but now I am not experiencing the severe cramping, or heavy periods!  We love it!  Thanks!"  Chelle White, Whites Potato farm, Amsterdam, MT “We got a feral kitten from the local feed store, huge wormy belly, started to add DE to his food and within days he started passing worms, and is sleek and healthy!”  M. Hoyt, H Double C Ranch, Silver Star, MT

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